Introducing the Student-Athlete Leadership Team

As the fall sports season gets started, the Student-Athlete Leadership Team (SALT) is coming together. With 21 newly chosen and returning members, SALT is looking forward to working with Ms. Feeney to support and advocate for all aspects of athletics in our community. 

Tommy Duane ‘23 is a new SALT member from Framingham, Massachusetts. His athletic commitments at Holderness include varsity hockey and varsity lacrosse. When asked what being on SALT means to him, Tommy replied, “Being on SALT is an honor, because when I applied I was not sure if I would get in because of all the qualified athletes on campus. I am glad I am able to be a part of something where I can help uplift athletics on campus.”

Tommy also  looks forward to announcing Athletes of the Week so he can “showcase [his] peers who work so hard.” He is adamant that all members of the Holderness community need to bring the hype for Proctor Day. Coming off of a tough loss last year, Tommy urges that Holderness needs to come back and show Proctor who we really are.

From Salem, New Hampshire, Maya Clemente ’23 is a returning member of SALT. She represents the JV Superstars ice hockey and varsity softball. Maya is most excited to get energy pumped in more pep rallies this year, not just for Proctor Day. When asked about SALT-supported events, she responded, “Definitely some doubleheader games in the winter, we’re looking into the possibility of food trucks for those events.” She also emphasized the importance of getting more fan buses for away games. For example, last year there were transportation opportunities to support Boys Varsity Hockey in the Lakes Region Finals and Elite 8 Playoffs at KUA. This provided the team with a lot of support and was all the more fulfilling to watch the battle in person.

As Tommy and Maya shared, SALT is excited to represent the Holderness athletic community. Get hype for the 2022-2023 school year, GO BULLS!


SALT members for the 2022-2023 year include Annie Bergeron, Maya Clemente, Megan Cunningham, Eliza D’Agostino, Garrett Deady, Hannah Donahue, Dean Driscoll, Thomas Duane, Samantha Edwards, Caspar, Hammer, Charlotte Lehr, Kate Miele, Dante Mulcahy, Aidan O’Connell, Evan Plunkett, Tommy Raymond, Cecille Robinson, Alexander Roguet, Andrew Stodden, Graydon Taylor, and Alexa Thornton.