Looking Back on the 2022-2023 School Year!

As the year comes to an end, there is always time to reflect and recap the best moments of the year and highlight changes to the next school year! 


Starting from the very beginning of the year, we had a new head of school – Mr. McVeigh! With a year full of activity, he has almost finished his first year as head of Holderness! Although a new face, he quickly immersed himself in the school by continuing traditions we know and love, like Head’s House and Head’s Holidays. He even went on Out Back (solo included) with the class of 2024 this year!


The renovation of Hagerman and the new upper turf and trails have also been highlights of this year! Hagerman has not only allowed for a new English building, but the new theater has also allowed for the best school productions. With this year’s fall play Red Hot and Blue written by Ms. Devine herself and the spring musical “Footloose,” the year in production has been unmatched. 


The upper turf and new trails have been so helpful in optimizing practices for every season! The turf has saved us soccer and lacrosse players from the dreadful hike up Chapel Hill countless times, and the trails have been great for skiers, mountain bikers, and runners – in competition and recreationally. The new snowmaking pond has also been a multipurpose addition as a refreshing place to swim for students and helping make enough snow for the winter athletes. 


Our winter season introduced Winter Mountain Day. This day was unpredicted and a result of the weather in the Fall, but was a great day for everyone. From learning to skin, ski, skate, or build fires, this day was a great opportunity for kids to get outside while taking a break from academics and trying something new. The winter also brought outstanding performances in national and NEPSAC competitions for our teams. 


As the spring season comes around, there is always much to look forward to! Senior Capstone presentations, which seniors have been working hard on all year, are just around the corner along with Prom and Commencement! 


A huge congratulations to the Senior Leaders and George Fortin (President), Henry Hood (Vice President), Anthony Seoage and Annie Bergeron (Weld Hall Leaders)! As the class of 2024 starts to step up, Mr. Graham and Ms. Berry start too! Taking over the position of Academic Dean from Mr. Durnan is Mr. Graham, and the position of Director of College Counseling is Ms. Berry! 


Although summer stands between next year and now, we are all excited for the next year and the highlights it will bring! It’s hard to wrap around the fact that Commencement is this weekend. To think that another year is almost done and that there will be even more change in the next school year is exciting news!