Holderness Heats Up with Winter Traditions

When the temperatures become frigid, and the paths start to get slippery and icy, winter can feel long and unbearable. This reality, however, will become the least of Holderness’ worries with the fun activities to look forward to.

Winter Carnival is the star of the season, and a great way to spend time with your dorm. The competition can be fun for all, and activities vary from high-energy lip-sync to casual but competitive trivia! Kicking the competition off with dodgeball on February 10, a classic game that turns into a hectic scene filled with determined dorms.

Following that, the famous Barton Olympics is a fun and competitive event that every returner looks forward to! Filled with crazy challenges and relays, Mr. Barton creates a fun-filled night where each dorm has the chance to win a few challenges on February 13! Just a few days later, Trivia takes place on February 16. A creative way to show off the brains in the dorms, and a chance to collaborate together.

February 18 is everyone’s favorite day of winter, and that is Lip Sync! Lip Sync is the perfect way to show the school how creative and bonded your dorm can be. Through music and composing dances, close-knit dorms grow closer and always have fun showcasing themselves.

The competition with the Winter Olympics doesn’t stop at school activities but can continue through dorm chess competitions and making the best snow sculptures, which the recent snowfalls have been helping with. May the best dorm win!

Winter dorm Olympics are exciting, but we’ve already had plenty of exciting events. Holderness’ annual Poetry Out Loud moved from the classroom to the finals, with George Fortin taking top honors. Poetry Out Loud is one of the unique things that Holderness does and is a great way to show your support to friends when they brave the stage and perform a poem. After all, going through the long process of memorizing our own poems, we know how tough it can be to step up and recite. Poetry Out Loud is an event to see some of our community members’ hard work pay off and appreciate the extra work they do.

We also had the masquerade-themed semi-formal last weekend, a new event at school and a great chance to mask and dress up!

All of these upcoming activities are for sure something to look forward to in the midst of the cold weather. Winter is a long, hard season for many people, but these activities will make it exciting, so save the dates!