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Artist Spotlight: Field Medic

Field Medic is the stage name of Kevin Patrick Sullivan, a Lo-Fi folk artist. Most of his work could be considered romantic, angsty, or contemplative. Often his songs have the ability to amplify emotions in the purest form. It can become intoxicating to leave his work on shuffle because it all melds together into a spectrum of soulfulness. For those experiencing cabin fever as the winter months drag on, “talkin johnny & june” is a refreshing taste of spring freedom. “Henna tattoo” is the anthem of the broken hearts that don’t want to sugar coat their silent sorrow. And for the dreamer, “everyday’z 2moro” is the song that turns stargazing into a trip through the cosmos.


uuu (3:31)

A love song of a heart in anguish. The song breathes pureness; it shows the beauty of the grasp that a soul can unwillingly have on another. The simple melody coaxed the soft lyrics into the listener effortlessly.



This time Field Medic sends the message in an electric ballad of love. The upbeat tempo delivers a yearning for the described powerful love. Only upon further inspection does it become clear that the love described might not be all that it seems.


talkin johnny & june (your arms around me) (2:42)

The collaboration with Pickleboy makes the themes of companionship all the more present. To the last note, this piece leaves the listener wanting to ‘savor the taste’ of the sweet nectar that is this harmony.


henna tattoo (2:26)

The symbolism of a henna tattoo represents a love that should have lasted longer. Field medic has the ability to demonstrate the anguish of heartbreak and this song is one of the best examples of that.


everyday’z 2moro (3:17)

The instrumental creates a dreamy backdrop for the wispy lyrics that feel both optimistic and reminiscent of days forgotten. The description of the romance between an artist and a girlfriend who is unconditionally supportive provokes the listener to question the sentiment behind the suggestion to ‘live like every day’s tomorrow.’ *author’s choice*



This piece has more of a pop feel but the upbeat tempo matches the lyrics perfectly reaffirming that Field Medic is capable of mastery in various genres. The pleasant juxtaposition of somber lyrics along with an uplifting tone creates a well-rounded sound.


better way (2:36)

The acoustic guitar accented by a soft piano melody is the perfect way to present such pensive thoughts. Field Medic makes the weight of his lyrics flow into the listener’s ear like a gentle summer breeze in this piece. 


-h-o-u-s-e-k-e-y-z- (3:28)

An overture of woodwind with prominent acoustic guitar and banjo is the inverse of its lyrical content. It is a self-reflective piece from Field medic that shows how you can turn your own insecurities into art.