What’s Going on with the Chapel?


Why haven’t we had Chapel in the Chapel? Well, there’s a short answer as well as a long one. The short answer is that we simply can’t all fit in the Chapel. The long answer is as follows: while, yes, we could shove all students and faculty members into the Chapel, it would be extremely uncomfortable, definitely a safety hazard, and maybe even a fire hazard. 

We are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, the Outdoor Chapel, where we can all gather and have our usual Chapel programming in a beautiful amphitheater with views of the White Mountains. Although in the winter, the hike up to Outdoor Chapel – and, yes, it is a hike – is just not feasible. Our plans for winter are still unclear, though we may hold services in Hagerman or in Weld.

According to Reverend VanderBrug, we’re just going to have to expand the Chapel to suit the number of students Holderness now has. While being a fantastic idea, expanding the Chapel is not a quick fix. That project will require a lot of planning, funding, and construction before we could return there for services permanently. 

During a recent visit with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Reverend VanderBrug and about a dozen Holderness students were delighted to share our school hymn, Seek Ye First, to which the Bishop and other guests began singing along! It was a great moment and one that made us proud of our school; however, it would be ideal to get to sing our school hymn in our own Chapel as well.