Remembering 9/11 at Holderness: How We Can Do Better


Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

September 11 is arguably one of the most pivotal events in recent American history. Each year, many organizations join the American people in commemorating the lives lost and affected that day. So, why didn’t we do anything to honor the day here at Holderness? 

I asked this very question to Reverend VanderBrug, who was able to clear the air a bit. She simply explained: “Well, I organized and held a candlelight vigil last year, and not a single student showed up!” 

This could be blamed on prior commitments, beginning-of-the-year madness, or homework; however, it is a bit bizarre that not a single student showed up after Rev. VanderBru. both audibly spread the word and sent out an all-school email. 

So, how can we, as students, blame the absence of a 9/11 memorial on the faculty when it is well within our means to come together and plan something ourselves? I have personally heard a lot of contempt for the fact that the administration did not take a moment in our classes or Core3 blocks to address 9/11, which fell on a Sunday this year. 

Though on the flip side, it could also be said that since the day fell on a Sunday, our responsibility as students was to honor the day on our own. In the end, yes, it would have been nice to come together as a community for the day, but the responsibility of organizing an event does not fall on one specific person. Anyone could have stepped up and arranged a gathering.

In future years, I hope students can take it upon themselves to organize activities/assemblies independently instead of waiting for faculty to do so.