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How We Can Move Forward | Post-Election Thoughts


November 19, 2016

“I haven’t been able to focus all week. Words, polls, and maps swirl behind my eyes colored red and blue and the sounds of doomsday newscasters pound in my ears. My heart hasn’t stopped racing since Tuesday night. I’ve...

Nuche’s Jab at the Election | Post-Election Thoughts

Ben Antonucci '17

November 18, 2016

   America’s change in presidency comes either every four or eight years. Ever since former President George H.W. Bush's term was over,  the seat of a president has been inconsistent with either their own personal life or with...

A Brave New World: Election 2016

Liz Casey '17 and Alexa Dannis '17

November 18, 2016

The 2016 election was so ugly that "we the people" were sort of screwed from the start. Both candidates are so damaged in public opinion that it’s questionable if either option was viable. By the end of the campaign, no mat...

Why Grades Suck

Erica Ashby '18, Editor

November 17, 2016

In last week’s essay  the topic of our flawed education system and its evolution toward independent learning was discussed. “Our independence of interest seems to fade as our motivation to learn is clouded by college, grades,...

You Are Not Who You Vote For | Post-Election Thoughts


November 17, 2016

“You must be uneducated if you support Trump.” “Nobody should be happy about the results of the election.” “If you are a women voting Trump you need to find some self respect.” All off these things were direct quotes...

How to Win the College Process

Carter Bourassa, Editor

November 17, 2016

Many seniors have already submitted early applications and in under a month, some people will start getting their first decision notifications. The college process is feared by many and seems to be the most intimidating part of...

Mr. Carrigan’s Reflections | Post-Election Thoughts

Mike Carrigan, Faculty

November 15, 2016

Like millions of other people across the globe, I was both shocked and upset by the results of the election last week.  Putting aside policy differences, I’m troubled by the president-elect’s evident lack of gravity.  Twitter ...

Sam Shinn’s Take | Post-Election Thoughts

Sam Shinn

November 15, 2016

The country is torn apart by these stunning recent events, but instead of going off on how America has failed us, democracy is a lie, etc., I’m going to look on the positive side, as hard as it may be. Some may say that this h...

A Letter to Hillary Clinton | Post-Election Thoughts


November 15, 2016

Dear Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton, “Fear is always with us but we just don’t have time for it. Not now.” You said this in your commencement address at Wellesley College 47 years ago. It has been on my mind since the mo...

Lolo’s Plea | Post-Election Thoughts

Lolo Zabaleta '18, Editor

November 15, 2016

I woke up on November 9th feeling like the world was crashing down around my ears, feeling like nothing was ever going to be okay again. I woke up on November 9th and cried five times before 11 AM. I felt devastated, disappoi...