The Picador

Socialism: A Piece of Me

Linh Nguyen, Reporter

February 8, 2018

As I was reading 1984 by George Orwell for my English class, my mind lingered on a little scene of the dystopia Orwell created. It was when the telescreen pridefully announced the surge of chocolate ration, forming a subtle film o...

The Art, The Artist: The Intricate Connection

Linh Nguyen, Reporter

January 17, 2018

The recent flood of Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual misconducts and harassment put the whole world in a state of  shock and confusion. Too much clarity and too many details blur the eyes of the public, and we barely kn...

For God and Humankind

For God and Humankind

November 16, 2017

Closed Off Buildings, Closed Off Trust

Thalia Anastos, Editor

November 16, 2017

Upon returning to campus this fall, many students were eager to begin spending their weekends with their friends enjoying the same activities that they were previously able to. However, many were disappointed when they heard of...

“Just Another Mass Shooting” – The Mentality Surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting

Kai Parlett, Reporter

October 31, 2017

I was sitting at a table in Weld on the morning of October 2nd, reviewing for a test with Rev. Hill when his phone buzzed. He glanced at it, shook his head, mentioned something about a mass shooting, and then we went back to our re...

Kneeling as a Protest

Colin Hoeffner, Guest Writer

October 6, 2017

If you check your social media, read the newspaper, or listen to the news, chances are you have definitely heard about the controversy surrounding athletes kneeling during the national anthem. This act of protest, if seen through...

Disasters? Normal. Climate Change? Not.

Kitt Urdang, Editor

October 5, 2017

Harvey. Irma. Mexico City earthquake. Hurricane Maria. The list goes on. This year, North America has been hit with natural disasters in a seemingly never-ending progression. Although each of these has been devastating to their r...

Science, Its Application, and Its Impact on Social Morality

Mina Nguyen, Guest Writer

September 21, 2017

The connection between scientific discoveries and social morality is often controversial since it is extraordinary yet dangerous and risky when a person comes up with ideas that are ahead of their time. The person might be regar...

Time to Throw College Board Overboard

Lolo Zabaleta '18, Editor

May 15, 2017

Maybe it’s because I am in the midst of APs and just took the SATs IIs but I have a bone to pick with the College Board. I detest most everything about that company and not just because the SATs are the worst thing in the worl...