More Fun!

If you’ve experienced the enthusiasm of Mr. Sisco as he leads a song in Friday assembly, you could likely guess how most meetings with him go. The weekend activities crew, better known as WAC, meets each week with initial ideas for the weekend. This is followed by a monsoon of group chat texts to ensure that everything is in order. The meetings involve a lot of brainstorming, adding and subtracting ideas that we see fit for a particular weekend. It’s harder than it sounds to plan fun activities for a student body of over 280 kids with varying interests. 


There is an obvious turnout for weekend activities that have been historically great: Heads House, Woodward dances, Proctor Day, Springfest, the first open skate, Screamfest, etc. When students buy-in, the entire community benefits. Often times, after coming back to my dorm room for check-in, I’ll reflect on the night and will sometimes surprise myself by the amount of fun that I had. It doesn’t take much. Participation of even half of the student body would initiate a culture where we all have fun every weekend. From dances to Spikeball tournaments to Saturday night detention, all it takes is a little communal participation to have some excitement around here!



This isn’t to say that our students aren’t involved or fun; if you’ve ever been in the stands of a hockey game or in a cluster of folks watching a soccer game, you know that Holderness doesn’t play when it comes to crowd energy. However, it is always great to encourage more Holdy spirit. More weekend activities, more ideas, more people, and more fun. 


Mr. Sisco, Jack Sawyer, and I are responsible for representing the interest of the students as a whole. If you have a new or exciting idea for a future weekend activity, share it with one of the three of us. There is an abundance of resources at our disposal, and the faculty want to support these ideas as well. It’s not uncommon for most of the activities of a given weekend to be proposed by faculty. The adults on campus propose ideas that they think would be fun for us. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. If you’re getting bored of movie trips or morning hikes, propose something brand new.


The community at Holderness (or at least Jack, Sisco and I) encourage and prioritize fun. Being away from home can be challenging, especially as the winter months drag on for what feels like an eternity. Instead of subsiding to the despair of winter, let’s grab the bull by its horns and enjoy some communal engagement! Get excited and propose a weekend activity nobody’s ever thought of.