First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Jérémi Tremblay from Québec City, QC, Canada – more precisely the Neufchatel neighborhood. I am a good student who is passionate about many things including hockey and soccer. These interests led me to think about the possibility of playing hockey in the NCAA, the fabulous American dream that not many players can attain. I presented myself to some agents and contacts, hoping to get some information about the first steps towards finding a prep school. I decided to play in a Boston showcase where I was lucky enough to connect with several schools, including Holderness. This made my process for finding a prep school far from normal. This showcase was played on July 26, 2019. That gave my family and me minimal thinking time to make sure that my decision to leave home for three years to attend a school in another country which I had only visited once and vaguely heard about it by some contacts was the right one. It was an enormous job to determine the exact qualities I wanted in my future school and home within that short timeframe.


The most important thing to remember while searching for a prep school is the famous fit. Even though the academics are top-notch and the hockey program is the best, if you don’t feel yourself in the right place or in the best fit you normally don’t choose that one. Before visiting Holderness, I had only visited two prep schools. My first impression of Holderness was that it was the best. I was mesmerized by the ambiance, the amazing people, and the incredible facilities. Considering I was originally searching for the next year, the chances for me to come here this year weren’t high, but this visit changed everything. I went to visit some others but nothing compared to Holderness. The most important part of my decision was making sure I would be ready for the school year. We finally decided to try despite the lack of time left before the start of school, and it worked! We only had one week to prepare everything before the great departure. We had to think about everything without overpacking, bring all that was needed but not too much, thinking about all I would need in my new life. 


I didn’t feel any anxiety until departure day. All these unanswered questions and unknowns rushed my thoughts at once. However, everything went away the minute we entered the parking lot. I was welcomed like they always knew me and like if I was part of their close family. I had a nice O-Hike where I made very good friends that I still have and that helped me through the first part of the year where the differences obliged me to adapt quicker than ever before. I felt included everywhere, and everyone worked together to make me more and more comfortable, making me feel at home. I love this new lifestyle and this new school. That extremely risky decision was probably one of the best, and I am proud of it. I could not be prouder to represent the Holderness School and the Bulls everywhere possible. The school that changed my life and made the decision to change schools, culture, friends, teams, and country was the easiest thing you could have imagined.