Mamma Mia! A Tribute to Senior Performances

Two nights of amazing performances later and everyone on campus will have Dancing Queen stuck in their heads for days. The theater program led my Ms. Monique Devine, gave a fantastic showing of Mamma Mia that earned a standing ovation from the school.


As the seniors head off, let’s recap their performance.


Allegra Driscoll performed a stunning rendition of “The Winner Takes It All” that left the audience in shock. Allegra, playing Donna Sheridan, brought everyone’s voices up around her and made every number better.


Cate Pollini (Tanya) and Lexie von der Luft (Rosie) brought the energy of the Dynamos to the cast with their positivity and high-quality acting. Lexie’s solo was many people’s favorite number in the play, and Cate’s sassy attitude on stage had everyone impressed with her acting skills and her ability to dance in high heels.


Alex Oliver (Pepper) brought smiles to everyone’s face as he tried to seduce Tanya on stage. He also wowed everyone by wearing a wedding dress on stage for the nightmare scene and looked great in it.


Izak Furey and I were both the stage managers and kept everything smooth through all rehearsals and shows. We kept the ship running smoothly with the support of stage crew


Adam Novak, in his first show at Holderness, stole the spotlight in “Lay All Your Love On Me” with his goofy attitude and sexy crawl across the stage. He also played the priest and spent much of his time backstage joking around with the rest of the cast.


Sam Walzak (Eddie) brought smiles to everyone’s faces while supporting the other actors. He portraying the bartender who did more messing around than working and ended the final show by jumping into Alex Oliver’s arms for the curtain call.


Julia Phillips (Ensemble) made rehearsals more fun by being there. Julia danced in “Money Money,” “Lay All Your Love On Me,” “Gimme Gimme Gimme,” and “I Do I Do.”


A big thank you should go out to everyone who supported the production of Mamma Mia. A special thanks should also be given to Ms. Devine for her patience, dance moves, time, energy, and love that made this show such a success. Next year’s productions will have a high standard to live up to after this performance, but under Ms. Devine’s leadership, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the cast will rise to the occasion.