Holderness Hosts Climate Change Awareness Event


Holderness School

Holderness School prides itself on its snow sports programs. A huge portion of students come here to alpine ski, nordic ski, or snowboard. If Holderness plans to continue to compete at such a high level in our winter sports, we have to take the climate around us into consideration. If the world continues to warm at its current rate, there won’t be enough snow for us to ski in the near future, likely within the next 75 years. I guarantee you, there is not a person at this school who wants that.


For this and many other reasons, the Holderness community has decided to put time and effort towards preserving the climate this spring. Every other year we do Relay for Life, and in our off years, we pick another thing to focus on. In 2017, our theme was mental health. This year it is climate change.


Dr. Mumford, Ms. Weymouth, and the Vestry have aided Carolyn Fernandes ‘20 and me in educating the community, raising money, and planning an all-school event on the evening of May 4th. Through this project, I have honestly been appalled by some of the things we do with absolutely no consideration for the planet we inhabit. I admit that I am often guilty. We all need to make a change.


About a week ago, I was walking from Weld to Hagerman for an early morning class and saw a faculty member pull up in their car. Four or five students hopped out of the vehicle and thanked the teacher for the ride to class. I bit my lip and said nothing, but what I really wanted to ask them was, “Was it worth it?” Was walking from your dorm really that hard? Was the CO2 that car put into the atmosphere really worth getting to class two minutes faster?


These are the moments I hope to see gone in the near future. It’s not going to be quick, and it’s not going to be easy, but in the end, we have to believe it will be worth it.