Bridgit Potter’s Senior Reflection

In the final days of my senior year at Holderness, I’ve come to realize just how fast time eludes you here. It seems like it was just recently that we all showed up on campus for our very first day and in just the blink of the eye finished our sophomore year, overcame Out Back, and now we are getting ready for Commencement in just a few days. Through the happiest and the most tired of moments, it still beats me how quickly time escaped me while I was here. The first day I stepped onto the Holderness campus, the last thing I ever considered was the way I would feel in my final moments here. And while I can’t say I’ll particularly miss getting back into dress code before Thursday night sit-down and chapel, or the constant drag of getting up early for 8:00 am starts in the winter, I know that just going about an average day at Holderness I learned things that I’ll use for the rest of my life.


When I reflect on my time here, I immediately recognize the regrets that I have, and I am flooded with missed opportunities that I didn’t seize. For example, how did I go through four years here without having Mr. Sheppe, Ms. Berry or Ms. Wolf as a teacher? Or how did I seem to be “busy” every single Monday of every winter that I never had the chance to try ski jumping? Or the fact that I somehow managed to miss out on every hike up Rattlesnake or Welch and Dickey on Sunday mornings before brunch? Or I possibly could have utilized the weight room in Bartsch more than two times. And while there are some things that I can beat myself up on for not participating in, I know there are others I used to fill these gaps to complete my Holderness experience. Case in point, I’m certain Cafe Monte Alto is grateful that I took advantage of their proximity to campus and appreciate the support I have for the local economy and vanilla lattes. Though there are so many things that I wish I had done while I was here, these four years still remain the best of my life thus far, and I worry that college won’t be able to fill Holderness’ big shoes. For every Head’s House, hangout at snack bar, open skate, bonfire, fly fishing trip, spring lacrosse game, lip sync performance, warm Head’s Day, and Manny’s pizza order, my heart breaks a little bit more knowing that I have to depart this place.


The simple fact is that it is easy to complain about getting back into dress code for Thursday night sit-downs and 8:00 am starts in the winter. Reflecting on my time here now, I recognize that while I was feeling inconvenienced in the moment, those are moments that I’ll miss in my future. Four years seems like a long time when you’re just getting started, but if you heed my lesson, you’ll know to cherish every second of every day you’ll spend here because these are seconds you’ll never get back.