Bear With Me: Bears Roam Holderness School Campus

“Have you seen the bear?” For the past few weeks of fall, our campus has not only been busily occupied with students and faculty but also with a family of bears. A mother and her two cubs have been spotted all over campus, from the turf to southside quad to the lower fields. There was also another independent bear cub who wandered onto southside.


They are black bears roaming around the White Mountains looking for food and getting ready for winter hibernation. Students’ Snapchat stories are flooded with videos of the bears. The bears have aroused an odd excitement on campus among students and faculty. For example, “Yeah, I’ve seen the bear” becomes the new weird brag.


I’m here to give an update on the bears and offer a farewell to them. The cute little bear cub on the south side apple tree in front of Pfenninger Dorm was found to be alone without its mom. A teacher took the initiative to call New Hampshire Fish and Game, who trapped the cub in order to bring it to the reserve and make sure it survives the winter. This cub was tranquilized when it fell off the apple tree on October 19th. Another cub was trapped by the Barton’s house. They will be released safely back into the White Mountains this spring.

An orphaned cub found on campus, who will be returned to the wild by the New Hampshire Fish & Game later in the spring (Holderness School)