A Solution to Theft: Holderness Scooter Share Program

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In my previous article, Scooter Theft: A Call for Trust and Community, I wrote about my stolen scooter and my disappointment regarding the situation. I concluded by saying, “the number of people that join me in this category is something that I hope dwindles as time goes on.” Days after my article was published, Mr. Lin emailed the school declaring a new solution to the issue.


A group of boys from Niles dorm along with Mr. O’Meara helped paint several scooters blue. These were scooters that had been lost over the years and never claimed by their owners. These scooters are now considered community scooters; they belong to and can be ridden by anyone on our campus. This idea is a wonderful solution to the problem that was troubling this campus. Now, those people who didn’t bring a scooter or skateboard to campus have the opportunity to get where they are going with greater ease by using the communal scooters.


I see many people all around campus taking advantage of this thoughtful solution to the troubling issue that was plaguing our community. Hopefully, it fully deters people from taking scooters and skateboards that have people’s names on them already, and no one will have to worry any further over losing their beloved mode of transportation.