Senior Roast: Evolution in the Right Direction?

For many years, a speech at one of the year-end family-style meals has been done by a faculty member selected by the Senior Class. This tradition has since evolved into what most Holderness Bulls affectionately (or not so affectionately) call the Senior Roast. This annual event has always been one of the unforgettable memories of seniors for many years for one main reason: a faculty member usually says something funny regarding the personal identity of students. However, this year, rumors are abuzz that the Senior Roast is going to be canceled. As of the writing of this article, the Deans continue to discuss the year-end schedule and ways to joyfully and appropriately honor the senior class.


As political-correctness is on the rise, Holderness has to find ways to adapt to the changing times. However, sometimes the pace of progress can seem like a shock to some. Hence, when we move forward with each new year, we need to take into account the different possible perspectives on the issue. Early on in the year, there was an attempt to encourage the use of reusable bags by the student population for Walmart trips. Indeed, such measures are beneficial to the environment and resonate with the progressive stances of some faculty members and students. Even so, several students have felt that the tone used on the weekend schedule for September 21st was rather aggressive. Given that Holderness is a “family” and the students are affected by the policies put in place by the administration, we students have the right to voice our opinions on the issue. Therefore, let me know what you think about this change (especially Seniors!) via email at [email protected]