Local Tragedy Leaves Plymouth Asking Questions

19-year-old high school graduate Michael Buskey committed suicide in the woods outside his home in Plymouth, New Hampshire, on May 8th, 2018. On further investigation, the police questioned Buskey’s roommate, Parker Hogan, who admitted to giving Buskey the gun that he used as well as the paper and pen for the suicide note. WMUR reported that Hogan claimed to have shown Buskey how to hold the gun to shoot himself and that Hogan then left the woods until he heard a gunshot, then went back to find his friend’s body.

The police are charging Hogan with three counts of tampering with evidence. According to the police report he wiped his prints from the gun, removed the suicide note, and removed alcohol from the scene. These are Class B Felonies, and the trial date is set for October. Hogan was granted bail of $5,000; however, since he violated that twice, the prosecutors requested that his bail be revoked. Hogan violated bail by contacting a key witness and carrying a knife on his person. The judge, instead of revoking bail (which would have sent him to jail until the trial), increased it to $15,000 and put Hogan under house arrest until the trial.


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