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Scooter Theft: A Call for Trust and Community

September 29, 2018

I was walking to Schoolhouse on a warm September night to meet Dylan de Vries outside of his dorm. He rode towards me on a scooter, and, to my surprise, he exclaimed that the scooter was for me. I was thrilled since last year my childhood scooter had been stolen from me here at school. This excitement lasted a short while.


I brought it into Schoolhouse since it didn’t have my name on it yet, and I was slightly nervous someone might take it if I left it outside, even though Dylan adamantly claimed no one would. Halfway through study hall Dylan and I, along with other friends, made our way to spend the second half of study hall working in the West Wing of Weld Hall. This time I left my scooter outside, having faith that my community members would not take it. I was wrong.


When I left the building around 10:20 PM to return to my dorm, it was gone. I was instantly overcome with sadness. I had the scooter in my possession for less than two hours and it was already ripped away from me. What made me sadder, though, was the disappointment I had in my community because I trusted them to be respectful of my belongings, and this was not the case.


It turns out Mr. Lin had confiscated it from a boy riding it after study hall in the dark, and that was why I could not find it anywhere on campus in the following days. But still, someone had taken it in the first place, even when they knew it was not theirs. This kind of disrespect towards others belongings is not the Holderness way, and it discouraged me greatly. I love this school and the community we have here, yet this stealing culture is something that we as a community need to work on to improve. I am not the only one who has had an item stolen, and the number of people that join me in this category is something that I hope dwindles as time goes on.

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