Mass Shooting and Their Warnings


65 mass shootings since I was born in 2002. These are all shootings that result in the death of 3 or more people. That is 15 years, an average of 4.3 mass shootings per year. How many of these could have been prevented?


The recent shooting at the YouTube Headquarters, where a woman injured 3 people before killing herself, shows that warning signs were ignored.  In many mass shootings, there are clear warning signs, leading back to mental health issues, lackluster follow-up, and lax gun laws. 


The shooting at the YouTube Headquarters could have been prevented with stricter laws, or even if the police had been more attentive. There were many warnings that the shooting might occur. The first is that the woman responsible for the shooting had been reported as saying hateful things about the company, especially how they weren’t paying her as much as she deserved. The next warning sign came from the fact that her parents had called the police saying that she had been making threats about planning to kill people at YouTube, but this call was simply filed away. The day before the shooting, she was reported missing by police and was later found sleeping in her car a mile away from the headquarters, but still, nothing was done. Hours later, three people were injured and she was dead.


Similar to this is the Parkland Shooting where a student shot and killed 17 students and teachers on February 14.


The young man who killed the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School also had many warning signs to the point where he shouldn’t have been able to get a gun. As a result, seventeen people are dead. The shooter and his brother had the police called on them twenty times and yet nothing was done. He shouldn’t have even been able to get a gun, and yet he did. Even after a threatening YouTube comment, nothing was done since it couldn’t easily be traced back to him. Despite warning sign after warning sign, he was still able to get his hands on a gun.


Something needs to be done about this. I don’t necessarily think that guns should be outlawed. My father has two guns, and he uses them to shoot recreationally. That is fine, but the fact that it feels like there’s a mass shooting every week tells you something. We need stricter gun laws. Sure, stricter laws won’t completely solve the problem since no system is ever perfect, but it would be an excellent place to start. People are just beginning to realize how bad this problem is getting, and people are not going to be quiet about this issue with all of the evidence of the warnings and signs that these things could have been prevented out in front of them.