Outside Speakers, Faculty Host Conferences

February 23, 2018

Holderness School students will lead an un-conference on Monday, February 26 to bring awareness to disabilities, abilities, and access. While twenty-five conferences will be lead by students there will be five presentations by outside speakers and Holderness School faculty. Ever want to know what it’s like to be a dwarf? Dede, a dwarf, will give the audience a look into the life of a little person. Ever wonder how deaf musicians compose music? Dr. Nicole Furlonge can help answer that question! Stressed out? Ms. Carol Dopp and Ms. Stacey Redman can help you find peace. Below are summaries of each presentation.


SESSION #1 – 10:05 – 10:50 AM


MEDITATIVE BREATHING (Session #1 – Schoolhouse 1)

When’s the last time you’ve stopped to focus on your breathing? It may seem like such a simple thing to do, but the benefits of meditative breathing are worth your time. This is a practice that is used to focus on the moment that we’re in while being in touch with your mind and body. Ms. Dopp, the school counselor, will be holding this workshop to give you the opportunity to take a moment for yourself and focus, one breath at a time.  


ED101 (Session #1 – Alfond 4)

The ED101 presentation aims to educate the Holderness community on the signs and treatments for eating disorders. The exhibition will answer: When does dieting go too far? What are the signs?,  and how do you help a friend (or yourself)? Along with her knowledge in the area of stress, Stacey Redman (noted above) is also an expert on eating disorders and will be leading this presentation.


Music Without Ears: Listening and the Deaf Musicians (Session #1 – Carpenter Music Classroom)

“We’ll explore how people who we assume can’t create or enjoy music because they are deaf can still “hear” music and even create it”, says Dr. Furlonge who will lead this interactive presentation. During the presentation, the audience will examine videos and recordings of compositions from deaf musicians. As well the audience will come to understand how deaf people can experience and compose music.


SESSION #2 – 11:00 – 11:45 AM

GOT STRESS? (Session #2 – Alfond 4)

With the busy Holderness winter schedule, the answer is probably yes! If it is, this workshop could help you de-stress on Monday and learn how to relieve stress in the long run. This workshop will take a look at the cognitive side of angst and analyze healthy and unhealthy responses. Stacey Redman, a Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral therapist, will lead this workshop with his calm presence and expertise. Currently, Stacey provides evidence-based behavioral health services to those in the Lakes Region through her work at Growing Roots LLC, which is a counseling and evaluation center with a location in Plymouth, NH. However, before her work at Growing Roots Stacey was the Director of Counseling at the New Hampton School.


DeDe 3’11” vs Thor 6’11”: Sensitivity and the Story of My Life as a Dwarf (Session #2 – Webster Room)

Dede is 3’11 women from the Lakes Region area and will share her story about what it’s like to be a dwarf. She will also focus on the stereotypes and obstacles of little people. Learn why the word “midget” is an offensive term or about some troubling medical issues that people who suffer from dwarfism experience. This opportunity will help you break any preconceived notions you might have about little people.

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