Holderness Doubles Down on Leadership Game

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Holderness is now ramping up their leadership system to ensure that kids know how important it is to be a leader. We will no longer have keep original names.  Once enrolled, we will add the word leader to the end of everyone’s name. . So, say Ben Jerome and Bridget Pope are walking past each other on the path the conversation may go a little like this:


“Hello Bridget-leader. I, Ben-leader, am taking the initiative to show my empathy toward you on this lovely day!”

“Why, yes, Ben-leader, you are! This is fabulous. Now I feel as though I can really depend on you to be my friend!”


Additionally Holderness will implement some vocabulary changes. The words happy, love, fulfillment, belonging, worth and popularity will all be replaced by the word leader.


We are also doing this with our core values. They used to be community, character and curiosity but we just felt that they did not fully encapsulate who Holderness is as a community. Thus we are changing “community” to “leader” and “character” to “leadership” and curiosity to “thinking about leadership.”


For the President, Vice President, Weld Leaders, and House and Floor Leaders of the school, they will all change there name again to “Supreme Leader.” Now, you may think that it would be confusing, with half of the senior class all having the same title, but you’d be mistaken. You see here at Leadership School — sorry, Holderness School — we don’t believe in confusion because when everyone is leading at their highest potential, the concepts of confusion, sadness, dysfunction, failure, and mistakes do not exist. 


Lastly, leaders will take on much more responsibility. We’ll add a few more job crews to really give kids the true life experience of leading a team to accomplish a goal. These jobs will include advancement, admissions, and teaching. With all these changes we’ve updated our tagline:


Real Kids. Real Leaders.

No Staff.  No Teachers.  No Buildings.  No Actors.