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State of the School: President Hayes’ Third Quarter Review

February 27, 2017

With the third quarter coming to an end this past Saturday, we were left with only one quarter left in the school year. This means one quarter left for school president, Brooke Hayes. To get Brooke’s review of the year so far and her hopes for the last quarter, I caught up with her for a brief interview.


CB: What were some of the things you wanted to accomplish coming into this school year? Which of those ideas have you been able to accomplish so far?

BH: I came into the school year really wanting to change the environment and culture of the senior class- I wanted everyone to feel engaged despite the fact we are graduating so soon. I know it seems trivial, but really the fixing up of the west wing and lower weld has been a huge project because those spaces will help cultivate student spaces and create a place to socialize/do homework/watch a movie/host activities etc. Another huge thing we have been working on, is how to best run the Leadership Council, as this system is new this year and we are still working through some bumps in the road. I think this has been the area I’m most proud of because as the year has progressed we have tackled topics from Tabor Day to Christmas Dinner, to opening up common rooms. We are basically a go between for students to faculty, and thus far it’s been very effective in getting messages across and then into action.


CB: Going into quarter 4, what do you hope to see change? What do you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

BH: Before the end of the year my main goal is to establish plans for next year, in terms of organization. For example, using the leadership council to decide on timing for Winter Carnival, a new formal for underclassmen, and possibly a big brother/ big sister program. I hope to leave a layout for next years leaders to utilize and further progress the issues they are interested in.


CB: How has being president been different from what you expected?

BH: I’m not sure I had any expectations. I know it can be slightly overwhelming at times, but in the best way possible. I get to be a part of so many meetings, and my presence can either be to listen or speak up- and I appreciate that opportunity very much. I think I underestimated how much the president really does, because so much of it is behind the scenes- be it emails, writing speeches, going to meetings, or just filling in where there might be gaps.


CB: What have you been unable to do so far to do that you wish you could have accomplished?

BH: Often times I have ideas, but getting them implemented can be the most difficult part. I can get frustrated by the slow moving pace of the decision making process, yet I think there is something to be said for the fact that the school takes such care in deciding simple changes- to me it’s proved they care deeply and think thoroughly before making decisions. This pace can feel hard to work with, but as the year has gone on it’s become easier to see the ways that work best in order to the ball rolling.


CB: What do you hope to see from next year’s president?

BH: I really hope that the next president comes in with energy and enthusiasm. I know the work could be a little nerve wracking or intimidating, but I really sincerely hope he or she comes in thrilled with the work they’ll get to be a part of. Also, to whoever it is- I have one word of advice, get to know Mr. Peck, he is the most genuine and empathetic person who cares so deeply about everyone at this school. Working with him has been the highlight of my time, and I mean that sincerely.


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