What are Overheards you might ask. Well, they are little snippets of conversation that me and my friends have, quite literally overheard, during the past couple of weeks. They usually provoke many laughs and have been a very popular segment of The Picador in the past. Holderness is a small school of only 280 students. To say the least, everybody knows each other very well here, and we appreciate that. It’s a part of what makes Holderness Holderness and I believe it is the reason why we find these small pieces of conversation so funny. When you know someone so well you can see the landscape of who they really are and find humor in them being so typically themselves. I hope you enjoy!


“I am so tired. Holy cow.    Oh.    My.     God.    I am going to collapse!… No, I’m going to go dance for an hour”- Sam Shinn

“Oh, Ben Jerome, you are so handsome and semi-strong looking”- Ben Jerome

“When I am talking I’ll say something stupid and people will be like, ‘whoa that was funny’ and I’ll think, no, I was just being stupid”- Cate Pollini

“So I like fell down the stairs in Hagerman and twisted my ankle, then I was limping, so I fell down the stairs again. Well, that’s my life”- Chae

“When I hear “You’re a wizard harry”, it reminds me of best times in school house with my good friends during senior slide when we don’t do homework ever, but probably should, but we don’t have too cause we are wizards”- Perry Lum

“Potatoes are like friends, if you eat them they die.. Now I’m hungry for potatoes”- Erica Ashby

“OMG! 100 ounces of soda for only $13! We have to get that, it’s like something SOO awesome for $13”- Astrid Martin `

“Poetry to me sounds like ‘are there where art thou flower pad, bananana”… I don’t get it”- Austin

“GLAWOROUS”- Pfenninger dorm

“I once thought New York was in the dead center of America, up to like two years ago”- Anna Jones

“Cash me ousside, how bout that”- Everyone