The Coolest Kids on Campus: Interviews with the Faculty Kids

Contrary to popular belief, the coolest kids on campus are not the Woody Boys, nor are they the Varsity Lax Bros. That’s right, they’re the faculty kids. These pint-sized youngsters have been cutting the Quad and mastering their soft serve skills since the day they were born. They know far more about the ins and outs of Holderness than even the most dedicated lifers. So if you ever pass by them waiting at the bus stop or hanging out on the playground, have a conversation with one of them. It might just make your day.


What’s your favorite thing about being a faculty kid?

Reid Donovan: Kiddie Crew.

Oliver Sheppe: Getting to use the hockey rink in the winter.

Lucas Furlonge: Playing with other kids.

Michael Eccleston: Being with Lucas.

Claire Eccleston: Kiddie crew.

Logan Furlonge: Getting to go into Weld before anyone else.

Mabel Casey: Kiddie Crew.

Wyatt Furlonge: Yelling. I like yelling.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Lucas: Soccer player

Reid: Teacher

Claire: Nurse

Wyatt: Scientist

Mabel: Nurse

Michael: NHL Hockey player

Oliver: Firefighter

Logan: Writer and a soccer player

Tillie: Nurse…who takes care of animals

Do you know any secrets about Holderness?

Lucas: The wifi override password.


Who’s your favorite teacher?

Claire: Dr. Donovan

Reid: Ms. Plourde

Lucas: Joe Arsenault

Michael: Dr. Furlonge

Wyatt: Ms. Ortiz

Logan: Mrs. Dahl

Tillie: Mr. Kampmann

Oliver: Tyler Cabot


What your favorite food in Weld?

Tillie: Chicken nuggets

Logan: Ramen noodles

Claire: Chicken patties

Oliver: Meatballs

Mabel: Noodles

Reid: Chicken patties

Lucas: Sizzling salad

Michael: Omelets

Wyatt: Meatballs


Where’s the best spot on campus to hang out?

Logan: On the trails

Wyatt: Playground

Claire: Hammocks

Tillie: Lower Weld

Mabel: Playground

Lucas: Basketball court

Reid: Hammocks

Oliver: Michael’s house

Michael: Rink


What’s the best part of kiddie crew?

Reid: Tackling the boys

Claire: Tackling the boys

Mabel: Tackling the boys

Lucas: Beating up Spencer

Wyatt: Running

Logan: Reading

Oliver: Playing animal hospital


Who is your favorite student?

Lucas: Luke Valentine

Claire: Chloe Dawkins

Wyatt: Rebecca Feist

Mabel: Phie Miles

Reid: Jenny Herrick

Tillie: Laura Rinehart

Michael: Logan Bateman