You Are Not Who You Vote For | Post-Election Thoughts


“You must be uneducated if you support Trump.”

“Nobody should be happy about the results of the election.”

“If you are a women voting Trump you need to find some self respect.”

All off these things were direct quotes we heard around campus on November 9.


It is justified for the majority of the Holderness body to cry, rant, and complain about the results of the 2016 election, but it is looked down upon to express joy about it. This is because it is assumed by many of us that those who support Donald Trump back his identity and ideology and therefore have the same traits as he does: aggressive, rude, and blunt. This assumption needs to come to the realization that 98 students voted for Trump in the Holderness mock election and many of those students have attributes far from Donald Trump’s. Perhaps they looked beyond his identity and checked his name for good reason.  As well these students are part of our community and we need to accept one another for their beliefs and try to understand why they believe what they do. This goes for not only those opposed to Trump but also for those who are not in favor of Ms. Clinton. When students say these things like the quotes listed above, they may think they are targeting Donald Trump or Hillary but they are actually aimed at the students and teachers here at Holderness in support of either candidate. With this considered, we need to make Holderness and American kind again and keep an open mind to others beliefs.


Here is what three Holderness students, all with different perspectives, have to say about the division on campus on November 9th:


Hillary Supporter: One of the reasons trump is so unpopular in our community is because of his hatred, shaming and overall comments that make people uncomfortable and feel as though they cannot be themselves. It is reasonable why a person would not support a candidate with these traits but what is not reasonable is applying this dislike onto others just because they support him. By making the comments that were quoted in the beginning you are shaming, causing people to become uncomfortable and feel as though they cannot be themselves… sound familiar? P.S. you can count this as an entirely unbiased opinion as I voted for Hillary.


Trump Supporter: I supported Trump because I looked beyond his “crazy sayings.” On November 9th I woke up excited to see what he would do for America’s economy in the next four years. I suddenly expressed this joy in one of my classes and was abruptly shut down by many students around me. Yes, I see many people would be opposed to Trump but the comments were not directed at him but at those in support of him! I only hope that we make Holderness great and kind again after the election.


Neutral Voter: I see both sides of it. I see why either candidate is “hated” but if we have the same hatred for the voter as we do for the candidate, America will be torn by people against people rather than people against government.